Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 6 (Inside front Cover & inside back cover)
Latest Designs in Japanese Stations

Photo: Chitose-Kuko Station (designed in cooperation with Danish State Railways)
(JR Hokkaido)
Photo: Akayu-Onsen Station on Yamagata Shinkansen
(Katsuaki Furudate)
Photo: Futaminoura Station symbolizing the ‘Husband and Wife’ rocks in the sea near the Ise Shirine, Mie Prefecture.
(JR Central)
Photo: Kansai International Airport Station
(Nankai Electric Railway Co., ltd)
Photo: Imabari Station on Yosan Line near Japan Inland Sea
(JR Shikoku)
Photo: Yufuin Station on Kyudai Line in N. Kyushu
(Hiroyuki Kawano)

Yamamo Plaza at Izu Kogen Station
The Yamamo Plaza (shopping plaza) at Izu Kogen Station of the Izu Express Railway Company (Izukyu) marks the completion of the first phase of the project to develop the neighbourhood. The project aims to urbanize the resort area, comprising a station building, resort hotels, commercial facilities, condominium and convention hotels, and other accommodation and leisure facilities.
The upper part of the building combination was set back to suit the topographic features. It consists of a two-storey station building featuring an inner atrium and a twostorey shopping plaza with outside courtyard surrounded by two-level shopping corridors. To maintain harmony with the surrounding landscape, the building height was kept low and two of the tall Mayflower trees which flourish in the locality were replanted in the centre of the open space.

Photo: Two-storey Shopping Plaza
Photo: Inner Atrium
(Izukyu corporation)
Photo: Izu Kogen Station with Shopping Plaza
(Izukyu corporation)