Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 7 (pp.38–41)

Japanese Railway History Special Pictorial
Landmark Locomotives

Photo: British-built No.1 Locomotive (Class 150) on Tokyo-Yokohama Line opened in 1872
(Transportation Museum)
Photo: American-built Class 7100 on first Hokkaido Line opened in 1880
(Transportation Museum)
Photo: Freight locomotive Class 2120. First built as 2100 by Dubs & Co, Glasgow, but much copied by German, American and other British builders around Russo-Japanese War
(Transportation Museum)
Photo: British-built passenger locomotive Class 6200 around turn of century
(Transportation Museum)
Photo: Japanese-built 3-cylinder passenger locomotive Class C53 for Tokaido Line express service (1928)
(Transportation Museum)
Photo: Japanese-built standard freight locomotive Class D51 first produced in 1936 with more than 1000 units built
(Transportation Museum)
Photo: German-built first electric Class 10000 Locomotive (EC40) used on Rack-and-Pinion Line (1912)
(Transportation Museum)
Photo: Japanese-built prototype electric freight locomotive Class ED15 (1926)
(Transportation Museum)
Figure: Evolution of Steam Locomotives
Figure: Evolution of Electric Locomotives

Japanese Rail Transport Growth Until 1945

Table: Length of Network
Table: Train Kilometers
Table: Number of Passengers
Table: Freight Tonnage