Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 57 (photostories)


The Exterior and Interior Design of New Shinkansen Trains
Here are some of photographs of the new shinkansen trains recently announced by JR East and JR Kyushu
JR East Series E5
The Series E5 Hayabusa (‘Falcon’) shinkansen rolling stock will be introduced on the Tohoku Shinkansen from spring 2011. It is scheduled to run at maximum speeds of 320 km/h. The 15-m long nose is designed to alleviate explosion-like sounds generated by a train passing through a long tunnel. Other noise reduction measure includes completely coveredbogies, and a single-arm, low-noise pantograph. The series also uses active suspension to suppress swaying, as well as tilting devices.
The exterior livery of blue, pink and white, and the interior design symbolize the concepts of comfort, friendliness and ‘my space’. These photographs show the interior and exterior of the pre-production model.
Luxurious GranClass seats
JR East is introducing the GranClass car on the Series E5. This class is more luxurious than the conventional Green Car. It is the first time shinkansen offers such a luxurious service since the beginning of shinkansen in 1964. Passengers are served by exclusive cabin attendants, while they sit in fully reclining seats, with powered leg rests and a wider seat pitch.

Green Car
The Series E5 Green Car offers a ‘high-quality elegant atmosphere’ achieved with woodgrain, comfortable claret-coloured seats with power sockets, reading lights, air fresheners, and indirect lighting.

Standard car
The standard car offers a chic and modern atmosphere using grey walls with direct lighting in warm tones.

The Series E5 boasts state-of-the-art access with barrier-free toilets, and wheel-chair accessible seats and wider door openings.

JR East Series E6

Series E6 shinkansen pre-production model
The Series E6 shinkansen will be introduced on the Akita Shinkansen in late March 2012 running at a maximum speed of 320 km/h. This rolling stock is planned to replace the Series E3 Komachi. This design is based on the concept of high-quality workmanship with themes of relaxation, kindness and ‘my space’.

JR Kyushu

The Kyushu Shinkansen was partially opened between Kagoshima-Chuo and Shin-Yatsushiro in March 2004. It is currently using the Series 800 EMU. JR Kyushu has announced the introduction of the new Series 800 after the complete opening of the Kyushu Shinkansen in March 2011. The Series N700, currently serving Tokaido and San’yo Shinkansen, will also be used for through trains from Osaka to southern Kyushu. The new Series 800 is shown in the following photographs.

Entrance and Interior
The New Series 800 does not have Green Cars. There are six upholstery designs, and the design differs in each car. The elegance is enhanced by gilded gable walls, and side walls using Kagoshima camphor, hard maple, and pear woods. The walls are decorated with engravings, lacquer work, wood carvings, Hakata-ori, and Kurume-kasuri textiles.

Photo: Series E5 Hayabusa pre-production model (JR East)
Photo: Series E5 GranClass car (JR East)
Photo: Comfortable and relaxing Series E5 Green Car (JR East)
Photo: Barrier-free Series E5 toilet (JR East)
Photo: Series E5 standard car interior (JR East)
Photo: Series E6 pre-production model in new pink, white and silver livery (JR East)
Photo: The Green Car provides an atmosphere of quiet calm and relaxation. (JR East)
Photo: Standard car uses a colour scheme suggesting an autumnal theme of sun–ripened rice paddies ready for harvest. (JR East)
Photo: Series N700 (T. Utsunomiya)
Photo: Series 800 Tsubame (T. Utsunomiya)
Photo: New Series 800 Tsubame with worlds’ first convex lights on a high–speed train. (T. Utsunomiya)
Photo: Exterior of New Series 800 with a sparrow logo. (T. Utsunomiya)
Photo: Upholstery with carmine red textile and Gobelin tapestry (right) (T. Utsunomiya)
Photo: Upholstery with Nishijin brocade (T. Utsunomiya)
Photo: Phone booth curtain of Kurume-kasuri textile (T. Utsunomiya)