Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 61 (photostories)


Tokyo Station
History of Tokyo Station (Opening–1970s)

5 December Tokyo Station announced as official name of central station by Government Railways December Construction completed
18 December Ceremony held to commemorate station opening
20 December Tokyo Station opened

2 November Tokyo Station Hotel opened in Marunouchi Station Building

4 November Prime Minister Takashi Hara assassinated on station concourse

1 September Station slightly damaged by Great Kanto Earthquake, but normal operations resumed 21 September

16 December Yaesu exit opened on the other side of the railway tracks

1 October Limited express Tsubame started operations
14 November Prime Minister Osachi Hamaguchi shot on platform 4

1 April Emergency measures to escalate war effort eliminated limited express trains, first class cars, sleeper cars, and dining cars

25 May Incendiary bomb hit near exit hall (now north gate) of Marunouchi Station Building igniting platform roofs and other
facilities but operation partially resumed on 27 May with full operations from 2 June
15 August End of World War II
15 September Railway Transportation Office (RTO) of occupying Allied forces established temporarily at central entrance
1 October Full-scale work to restore Tokyo Station war damage started

15 March Restoration work on Marunouchi Station Building completed with north and south domes converted to tapered roof and building height lowered from three to two storeys
1 May RTO office and waiting room construction completed adjacent to the entrance hall (now south gate)
20 November Yaesu Sotobori (outer moat of former Edo Castle at Yaesu) landfill construction completed

16 November Yaesu Station Building completed

29 April Yaesu Station Building burned down by accidental fire
16 September First Heiwa limited express since end of war started operations

17 January Refurbishment of Tokyo Station Hotel started
15 November Tokyo Station Hotel resumed service

September National Railway authorities and privatesector investors jointly established Tetsudo Kaikan Co., Ltd. to fund reconstruction of Yaesu Station Building
October Yaesu Station Building construction started

1 July Tetsudo Kaikan opened Yaesu Meitengai shopping mall. Yaesu entrance and Yaesu north exit opened with first free passageway leading to the Marunouchi side
1 September Yaesu central exit and south exit opened

14 October Use of new Yaesu Station Building and sixstorey Tetsudo Kaikan building with Daimaru Department Store opened on 21 Oct

20 July Teito Rapid Transit Authority (Eidan Subway, today’s Tokyo Metro) Marunouchi Line extended to Tokyo Station, allowing easier access to Ikebukuro
19 November Overnight Asakaze limited express train operations started, connecting Tokyo to Hakata in northern Kyushu

15 October Semi-express Nikko started operation and express trains started service to and from Tokyo Station bound for Tohoku Line
1 November EMU Kodama limited express started operation, connecting Tokyo to Osaka

1 October Tokaido Shinkansen started operation between Tokyo Station and Shin-Osaka Station

June Yaesu underground shopping mall first phase construction completed

10 January Construction of underground platforms for Sobu and Yokosuka lines started beneath Marunouchi Station Square)

10 February Yaesu underground shopping mall opened

15 July Sobu Line underground platforms opened with Tokyo Station becoming Sobu Line terminus
12 October Stained-glass mural The Creation on wall of Marunouchi underground passageway illuminated for first time

Photo: Postcard with Marunouchi Station Building, commemorating opening of Tokyo Station (The Railway Museum)
Photo: Assassination memorial plate (JR East)
Photo: Tokyo Station during initial construction (The Railway Museum)
Photo: Tokyo Station after completion in 1914 (The Railway Museum)
Photo: Tokyo Station Opening Ceremony on 20 December 1914 (The Railway Museum)
Photo: Prewar original interior of Tokyo Station entrance hall (now south exit) (The Railway Museum)
Photo: Attempted assassination memorial plate (JR East)
Photo: Tokyo Station during the postwar recovery work (The Railway Museum)
Photo: Ceiling covered with duralumin after postwar recovery work (JR East)
Photo: Tokaido Shinkansen Opening Ceremony held at Tokyo Station (The Railway Museum)
Photo: Tokyo Stations’ Central gate in mid 1950s to early 1960s (The Railway Museum)
Photo: Limited Express Kodama (The Railway Museum)
History of Tokyo Station (1980s–2012)

1 October Through operation of Sobu and Yokosuka lines using Marunouchi underground platforms started

1 April Operation of Tokaido Shinkansen stations taken over by JR Central and other stations by JR East with breakup and privatization of the national railways
21 July First Tokyo eki kon concert held

1 April Tokyo Station Gallery opened

19 March Limited express Narita Express to Tokyo New International Airport started operation 20 June Tohoku Shinkansen extended from Ueno to Tokyo Station
9 November Construction started to allow Hokuriku Shinkansen access to Tokyo Station

2 July Construction of multi-level elevation of Chuo Line completed

1 October Nagano Shinkansen started commercial service

18 November Suica IC card services started by JR East
December Proposals made to preserve and restore Marunouchi Station Building by committee for revitalizing area around Tokyo Station

15 February JR East announces decision to restore Tokyo Station Marunouchi Station building
1 October Urban planning committee announced Tokyo Station as floor area ratio district exemption

February JR Central Marunouchi Central Building opened
30 May Marunouchi Station Building designated important cultural property

1 April Station for Marunouchi Subway Line taken over by Tokyo Metro due to Eidan Subway privatization
13 October Red brick concerts started

11 April Tokyo Station and Amsterdam Central Station (Netherlands) concluded sisterhood agreement

8 March High-rise SapiaTower building with hotel and office opened at Nihonbashi exit
30 May Construction started to restore red-brick Marunouchi Station Building to original three storeys
25 October Ekinaka commercial space ‘GranSta’ opened in central underground concourse
31 October GranTokyo North Tower and South Tower buildings with stores and offices opened as a part of Yaesu-side redevelopment

28 March Ekinaka commercial space Ecute Tokyo opened on first floor inside ticket wickets
December Ekinaka commercial space GRANSTA DINING opened on first floor inside ticket wickets

5 March Tohoku Shinkansen Hayabusa started operations
20 March Ekinaka commercial space KeiyoStreet opened in Keiyo Line connecting passageway
23 March South part of GranRoof opened in advance of other pedestrian-deck facilities

22 August Clocks on north and south domes destroyed by war restored at 2 pm
1 October Restored Marunouchi Station Building opened along with Tokyo Station Gallery. Ekinaka commercial space ‘Central
Street’ held grand opening. JR EAST Travel Service Center for overseas visitors opened in north dome
3 October Tokyo Station Hotel reopened

Photo: External view of postwar restored Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building (JR East)
Photo: External view of restored Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building (JR East)
Photo: Room interior in restored Tokyo Station Hotel (JR East)
Photo: South Dome after recovery work (JR East)
Photo: Night view of restored Tokyo Station (JR East)