September 2015

3 September
Hitachi English subsidiary Hitachi Rail Europe opened rolling-stock yard at Newton Aycliffe in northeast England for manufacturing of new Class 800 for Intercity High-Speed Rail services, and AT-200 for Scotrail suburban services

5 September
Fishing vessel with crew of 21 overturned off Chuja, S. Korea with loss of 10 crew, 3 rescued and 8 missing

7 September
JR East started first shipments from Yokohama Port of carriages for 23-km Purple Line linking northern Bangkok, Thailand, with suburbs, to fulfill orders taken by Marubeni and Toshiba partners; 63 carriages to be delivered by January 2016 with partners also supplying infrastructure for 16 stations, signalling systems, etc.

8 September
Port engine of British Airways B777-200 caught fire immediately after takeoff from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport forcing emergency landing and injuring 14 of 172 passengers onboard

11 September
Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism announced selection of business group composed of Tokyu Railway, Maeda Construction, and Toyota Tsusho Corp as preferred vendors for selling management rights to Sendai Airport as first stage in shift to fully privatized management of national airports to be completed by June 2016

11 September
Large construction crane collapsed on a mosque at Mecca, Saudi Arabia, killing 107 visiting pilgrims and injuring 238

14 September
Airbus confirmed order for 110 units of A321neo by low-cost carrier Wizz Air Group serving central European countries such as Hungary, Poland, Romania, etc., and most-ordered model at June Paris Air Show

16 September
JR Freight announced 1-year (starting October 2015) consigned order in conjunction with Nippon Koei to assist Indian Railways with freight management knowhow as part of JICA project to introduce business planning and IT systems in 2018

16 September
Tanker truck exploded after traffic accident in southern Sudan killing at least 186 people gathered nearby collecting oil products

17 September
Chinese state-run Xinhua News Agency reported formation of joint venture construction plan by China Railway Corporation and US businesses to build approx. 370-km high-speed railroad between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

23 September
Boeing announced order for 300 civilian aircraft from China on occasion of US visit by Premier Xi Jinping, composed mostly of 190 units of smaller B737, and 50 units of wide-body version

24 September
Stampede during Hajj at Mecca, Saudi Arabia, left 760 pilgrims dead and 934 others injured

24 September
School bus carrying visiting foreign-exchange students in Seattle, USA, struck by amphibious vehicle used for tourism, killing 4 students including a Japanese national, and injuring 51 others

24 September
Miyazaki Transport and Yamato Transport announced 1 October start of delivery service using buses in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan; Yamato started similar service in Iwate Prefecture in June

25 September
JR East announced twinned stations agreement proposed by Deutsche Bahn (DB), between Tokyo Station and Frankfurt Central Station of DB with signing in Frankfurt on 30 September; Frankfurt Central Station completed in August 1888, 26 years before Tokyo Station but both share common historic design features representing railway architecture

29 September
Government of Indonesia announced surprise decision to award bid to build 150-km line between Jakarta and Bandung to China following severe competition between Japan and China bidders and September announcement by government to abandon plans for high-speed rail link in Java

29 September
Currently rehabilitating Skymark Airlines announced joint code-sharing agreement with ANA under ANA Holdings umbrella and start of winter schedule from October 2016

30 September
JR Hokkaido announced plans to scrap 10 aging diesel railcars and reduce services by 80 others from March 2016 in line with new timetable and rationalization of operating losses; also discussing plans with regional users to close 9 underused stations

Mr Akihiko Tamura appointed Commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency on 11 September. Joined old Ministry of Transport in 1980 after graduating from University of Tokyo Faculty of Law. Held positions such as Assistant Vice-Minister, Deputy Director-General Railway Bureau, and Director-General Civil Aviation Bureau before current appointment.

Mr Yoshinobu Sato appointed Director-General of Civil Aviation Bureau on 11 September. Joined old Ministry of Transport in 1982 after graduating from University of Tokyo Faculty of Law. Held positions such as Deputy Director-General Civil Aviation Bureau, Deputy Director-General Tourism Bureau and Deputy-Director of Coast Guard before current appointment.

Mr Takashi Kitamura appointed Chairman of Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency on 1 October. Joined old Ministry of Transport in 1976 after graduating from University of Tokyo Faculty of Law before holding positions as Director of Coast Guard, and Special Counsel for Osaka International Airport Terminal